July 1 2008

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July 1st, 2008 (July 01 2008)DeathMel Galley, English guitarist (born in 1948)
July 1st, 1988 (July 01 1988)BirthEvan Ellingson, American actor
July 1st, 1978 (July 01 1978)EventNorthern Territory (Aus) granted Self-Government.
July 1st, 1978 (July 01 1978)DeathKurt Student, German Luftwaffe general (born in 1890)Kurt Student Quotes
July 1st, 1968 (July 01 1968)EventThe CIA s Phoenix Program is officially established.
July 1st, 1968 (July 01 1968)EventThe Nuclear non-proliferation treaty is signed in Washington, London and Moscow by sixty-two countries.
July 1st, 1968 (July 01 1968)EventFormal separation of the United Auto Workers from the AFL-CIO.
July 1st, 1968 (July 01 1968)BirthTim Abell, American actor
July 1st, 1968 (July 01 1968)DeathFritz Bauer, German judge and prosecutor (born in 1903)
July 1st, 1958 (July 01 1958)EventThe Canadian Broadcasting Corporation links television broadcasting across Canada via microwave.
July 1st, 1958 (July 01 1958)EventFlooding of the St. Lawrence Seaway begins.
July 1st, 1948 (July 01 1948)EventQuaid-i-Azam inaugrates Pakistan s central bank, the State Bank of Pakistan.
July 1st, 1948 (July 01 1948)DeathAchille Varzi, Italian race car driver (born in 1904)
July 1st, 1938 (July 01 1938)BirthCraig Anderson, baseball player
July 1st, 1908 (July 01 1908)BirthPeg Entwistle, Welsh actress (died in 1932)
July 1st, 1898 (July 01 1898)EventSpanish-American War: The Battle of San Juan Hill was fought in Santiago de Cuba.
July 1st, 1878 (July 01 1878)EventCanada joins the Universal Postal Union.
July 1st, 1858 (July 01 1858)EventThe joint reading of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace s papers on evolution to the Linnean Society.Charles Darwin Quotes
July 1st, 1818 (July 01 1818)BirthIgnaz Semmelweis, Hungarian physician (died in 1865)
July 1st, 1788 (July 01 1788)BirthJean-Victor Poncelet, French mathematician (died in 1867)
July 1st, 1708 (July 01 1708)DeathEmperor Tekle Haymanot I of Ethiopia (born in 1706)
July 1st, 0868 (July 01 0868)DeathAli al-Hadi, Shia Imam (born in 828)

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